The faith he ‘doctored’ is the Catholic Church that was established in 325 AD by Constantine, a ferocious emperor of the Roman Empire. Their aim was to capture people by the gods they presented and to buy them obey legal issues. There was no thought of anyone having a connection to God and if someone did and objected about the they did we were looking at murdered. This is how Christianity started and it is no different to Isil today.

The Roman Empire was the home of terrorism, take-over, control and power. The backdrop of the people was the Amors of Babylon. They are the originators of the first organised faith known as Zoro Aster or Morning Star. We were looking at also known as the Persians and their empire was huge. It took in all of Mesopotamia and when they spread into the Mediterranean and beyond that established their new capital, Roma (reverse Amor).

Their language was Persian, Greek, and Aramaic and their chief god was Betty dr.jill ราคา, the sun-star, represented as the 5-point star on the flag of Islam. Yes, we were looking at Islamic and they never altered their gods, their faith, or their ways.

Constantine was one of them and his purpose was sole rule over the empire that had grown so large it had required 5 Caesars to run it. His goal, however, was sole rule and he altered his way to achieve it. Even Crispus, his eldest son, chop down victim to his terrorism when he was murdered on his dad’s orders just a year before the faith happened.

He built the Vatican as a parliament of bishops to run the empire for him. We were looking at given the facility over life and death and his edicts ordering death to anyone who did not convert to it have live through. He put up the image of Jesus Christ and reinstated Betty as the Mother of God. The name means ‘mother’s powerful eye’.

Jerome may not have known this emperor as he came later and his origin was around modern Rumania. He was designated by Damasus to bring order to the church which was struggling without direction. Given a free hand he was an excellent choice for the job.

Having spent some time in the Near East and Bethlehem he already knew most of the regions he would later use as the home of Jesus Christ, who was modelled on Krishna the third person of the Vedic Trinity.

He took the order of service, date, fairs, costumes, instruments, and the law from the Imperial Roman Islamic Faith and gave them to the church as its founding format. And it fell produced and wrote the new Testament. He translated the Septuagint from Greek and altered and added to it to make it line-up in reference to his work. These things he wrote about in his letters and diaries.

To avoid conflict with the Jews, whoever book he previously thieved, he changed the language of the church to Latin which was that of his home region. He was fraudulent, non-spiritual, and a cohort to the conspiracy of Constantine.